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Marykate is a brand that offers a range of cleaning and maintenance products specifically designed for marine and recreational vehicles (RVs). Their products are formulated to address the unique challenges and needs of these environments, helping boat and RV owners keep their vessels and vehicles clean, well-maintained, and protected.

Marykate's product line includes various cleaning solutions, waxes, polishes, and treatments that target specific areas and surfaces. Some of their popular products include hull and fiberglass cleaners, deck cleaners, metal polishes, vinyl and upholstery cleaners, teak cleaners, and bilge cleaners. They also offer products for engine care, such as fuel treatments and degreasers.

The company focuses on developing effective and environmentally friendly products. Many of their formulations are biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe to use around water. Marykate aims to provide solutions that not only clean and maintain marine and RV surfaces but also protect them from the effects of sun, saltwater, and harsh environmental conditions.