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Motorola Defy Satellite Link [BM3A01]

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Defy Satellite LinkDefy limits with the Bluetooth Satellite Accessory. Unlock a whole new world of always-on connectivity. The Motorola Defy Satellite Link is a compact, lightweight, universal Bluetooth accessory that...

Motorola Defy Satellite Link [BM3A01]

SKU: 101742
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what is the personal locator beacon and its function ?

A personal locator beacon (PLB) is a device used to alert search and rescue authorities in case of an emergency. It is a small, portable electronic device that can be carried by a person, and it uses satellite technology to transmit a distress signal to the authorities.

The function of a PLB is to provide a means of summoning help in emergency situations, such as when a person is lost, injured, or stranded in a remote area. When activated, the PLB sends out a distress signal that is picked up by satellites and relayed to a rescue coordination center.

PLBs are designed to work anywhere in the world and are typically waterproof, rugged, and long-lasting. They can be activated manually by the user or automatically in the event of a sudden impact or immersion in water.

In summary, a personal locator beacon is a valuable safety tool for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, boaters, and anyone who may find themselves in a life-threatening situation in remote or isolated areas.