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Permatex is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, gasket makers, and other automotive maintenance and repair products. With a history dating back over a century, Permatex has established itself as a trusted brand among automotive professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

One of the key areas of expertise for Permatex is their range of adhesives and sealants. They offer a wide variety of products designed to bond and seal various materials, including metals, plastics, rubber, and more. Whether it's repairing a leaky gasket, securing a trim piece, or bonding two surfaces together, Permatex has a solution for nearly every automotive application.

Permatex is also known for their gasket makers, which are specially formulated compounds used to create reliable and long-lasting gaskets. These gasket makers provide excellent resistance to high temperatures, fluids, and vibrations, ensuring a tight seal and preventing leaks. From engine gaskets to transmission seals, Permatex gasket makers are trusted by professionals to deliver reliable performance.

In addition to adhesives and sealants, Permatex offers a range of other automotive maintenance and repair products. This includes threadlockers, thread sealants, rust treatments, lubricants, cleaners, and more. These products are designed to address specific automotive needs, providing solutions for tasks such as fastener locking, preventing fluid leaks, protecting against corrosion, and ensuring smooth operation of various components.