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PSS Shaft Seal

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PSS Shaft Seal 1-1/2" Shaft 2-1/4" Tube [02-112-214]

SKU: 50849

PSS Shaft Seal 1-1/2" Shaft 2-1/4" TubeShaft Diameter: 1-1/2"Stern Tube Diameter (D): 2-1/4" to 2-3/8"Total Length (A): 9.175"Total Length (compressed) (Compressed A): 8.175"Rotor Diameter (B): 3.75"Carbon Cuff Diameter (C): 3.25"Stern...

PSS Shaft Seal 1-1/2" Shaft 2-1/4" Tube [02-112-214]

SKU: 50849
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PSS Shaft Seal

The PSS Shaft Seal is a highly regarded marine product designed to provide a watertight seal around the propeller shaft of a boat. Developed by PYI Inc., the PSS Shaft Seal has become a trusted choice among boat owners and operators worldwide for its reliability, durability, and efficient performance.

The key feature of the PSS Shaft Seal is its innovative design, which eliminates the need for traditional stuffing boxes and packing glands. Instead, it employs a mechanical face seal technology that creates a secure and watertight barrier around the shaft. This design ensures that water stays out of the boat's hull, preventing leaks and protecting the internal components.

The PSS Shaft Seal is constructed with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, carbon fiber, and nitrile rubber, ensuring its durability and resistance to corrosion. The seal is capable of withstanding the harsh marine environment, including exposure to saltwater, UV rays, and extreme temperatures.

Installation of the PSS Shaft Seal is relatively straightforward and can be performed by boat owners or professionals. The seal is available in various sizes to accommodate different shaft diameters and configurations. It is compatible with both power and sailboats, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of vessels.

The PSS Shaft Seal offers several advantages over traditional stuffing boxes. Firstly, it requires minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for regular re-packing of packing material. This saves time and reduces the risk of improper packing, which can lead to leaks. Additionally, the PSS Shaft Seal operates with lower friction, resulting in reduced wear on the shaft and improved overall efficiency.

Another notable feature of the PSS Shaft Seal is its ability to accommodate shaft misalignment and vibration. The flexible nature of the seal allows for slight movement of the shaft without compromising the integrity of the seal. This feature helps to reduce stress on the shaft and extend its lifespan.

In terms of performance, the PSS Shaft Seal provides a dry bilge, contributing to a cleaner and safer boating experience. It eliminates the need for bilge pumps to constantly remove water, reducing the risk of pump failure and improving energy efficiency. The seal also reduces noise and vibrations, resulting in a smoother and quieter ride.

The PSS Shaft Seal has been extensively tested and proven effective in various marine environments and conditions. It has earned certifications and approvals from reputable marine organizations, further solidifying its reputation as a reliable and high-performance shaft seal.

Overall, the PSS Shaft Seal offers boat owners peace of mind by providing a dependable and efficient solution to shaft sealing. With its advanced design, durability, and performance benefits, the PSS Shaft Seal has become a popular choice for those seeking a reliable and maintenance-free seal for their boat's propeller shaft.